Ammonite distribution

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Digital music distribution

Ammonite Ltd is a proud member of the independent music industry community, in partnership with well known, and one of the oldest and most experienced Scandinavian digital distributor Phonofile (from 1999 in digital music business). Ammonite Ltd is situated in Belgrade, and distributes digital content from around the world covering an enormous variety of styles and genres. Our aim is to provide high quality distribution to all major services in the world, as well as many niche services.

Ammonite Ltd has an ambition to be a strong partner in the market place, focusing on transparency and constantly working to provide best possible terms for independent record labels and artists.

Ammonite Ltd, through our partners, works worldwide with delivering music to all important digital music stores like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal/Wimp, Google play, Apple Music, 24/7, Napster, Beatport, Juno Download, many other niche and DJ stores. Outside of the main region of interests in the Balkan countries, Ammonite Ltd also works with labels and musicians from western Africa and the Arabic world.

Orthodox Celts - One / Milk & Honey

Artist: Orthodox Celts
Country: Serbia
Copyright: 2015 Ammonite Records

Orthodox Celts

Second single taken from the upcoming sixth album.
Sounds like: The Pogues, Shane McGowan & The Popes, The Chieftains, The Dubliners.

video distribution

Ammonite Ltd. distributes and monetizes worldwide your artwork such as: video clips, documentaries, short forms, movies on YOUTUBE service.

How it works

When you sign the contract with us you need to set us as your Youtube channel administrator so we will be able to upload, edit and monetize your video. You will earn money from views, commercials and all possibilities which Youtube platform provides.

Igor Vince - Let's Do It

Artist: Igor Vince
Country: Serbia
Copyright: 2015 Ammonite Records

Igor Vince - Let's Do It

The title track "Let's Do It" featuring legendary Femi Kuti, written and composed by Igor Vince and Femi Kuti.

photography distribution

Ammonite Ltd distributes worldwide your amateur and professional photography, as well as illustrations, clipart and short video and audio tracks to all major distributors, like iStock (Getty Images), Shutterstock, Alamy, Fotolia, 123RF, Dreamstime, Depositphotos…

How it works

When you sign the contract with us and send all your RAW digital photos, we will prepare photos for digital distribution (format, descriptions, tags and etc..), distribute your photos to all major digital services and create your own profile so you will be able to monitor all sales on each service/website your photographs are being sold on.