Ammonite Production

Industry of groove


There is a way to tell how much passion was invested in some music piece. It is production. We pride on our ideas and on our endless efforts to make our music sound greater. In other words, we love music. Meet our PERFECT team which can make your music ideas come true.

Darko Stanojević AKA Dark Stanton

One of pioneers of digital recording and mixing in Serbia. He was an owner or associate in several recording studios and production facilities in Serbia, mostly as arranger, producer and sound engineer. He was also a member of various production teams formed on special purposes (movies, theatre, internet radio, multimedia).

Darko has a rich portfolio of cooperations with advertising agencies, with his productions advertised on RTS, RTCG, TV Pink, Pixel, 3D, Watchout, Afirma, Disney-Hanson, Tuck, Buzz Advertising, Passage-Advertising,Emotion...

Some of his clients: Zdravko Čolić, Vampiri, Boba Stefanović, Intruder, Bora Dugic, Saša Vasić, Maja Odžaklijevska, Moby Dick, Mari Mari, Madam Piano, Šabačka Eparhija, SPC, Nightshift, Kristali, Riblja Čorba, Trik FX, Olivera Katarina, Zabranjeno pušenje, TAP 011, Rambo Amadeus, Slađana Milošević, Negativ, Leontina, Generacija 5, Kornelije Kovač, Long Noses...

Milan Đerisilo AKA BgVertigo

Milan Đerisilo aka BgVertigo rap, hip-hop, R&B, dancehall, metal and hard-core producer and DJ from Belgrade, Serbia.

Started his musical career as a guitar player with Belgrade hard core punk band Definite Choice, continued with internationally renowned bands Eyesburn and Discord.

BgVertigo produced plenty of hits with various artists from Belgrade and Serbia such as: Škabo (Beogradski Sindikat), Sick Touch, Sha (Shaila), including the album of Marcello nominated for European MTV music award, Hornsman Coyote international reggae star, first Sajsi MC album, Bitcharke na travi, Zobla, THC familija, Sveti Sevquet, Juice 93fu, Voke 93FU, Bvana, Smoke Mardeljano, Darka and melody makers, 5 stepen, ,Shwarzenigga, Beograd Vietnam, Žuti,Tatiša and many more. He also produced music for movies (Potera za srećkom).

Vladimir Krakov AKA Kraka

Vladimir Krakov is an experienced musician and producer. He produced albums, single songs, applied music for cinema, TV shows, radio and TV commercials, commercial songs, etc.

He cooperated with several tens of bands and authors from Serbia, Canada, United Kingdom and Hungary (Presing, Xanax, Autopark, Nežni Dalibor, Tornado Ptice, Dreambirds, Čudesmo, Worldly Savages, The Immigrants…). Vladimir was making applied music for: Plus Telecom (Albania), Alltech (USA), TV broadcast ViN (Video nedeljnik), Nectar Beer (Bosnia), Viotros Cheese (Greece), President cheese (Mlekara Sombor), Uniqa Insurance, PGP RTS, Unicredit Bank, Pils Plus Beer, Amstel, Fidelinka Subotica and many more.

Nebojša Marković AKA Nebojša Intruder

Nebojša Marković, founder of the band INTRUDER, is composing and producing music since the mid 90's.

Besides his work in the band, and later in DJ/producers team NAVIGATORZ, since the early 2000's he is creating TV commercials and promotional campaigns such as: VIP Mobile, Samsung, Don Cafe Brazil, SPORTINU, MB beer, Agrimes, Nescafe, Sprite, Guadalupe Sial… (TV, online, radio), music for broadcasts (RTS), movies (Ljubav i drugi zločini…), animated films (Janitor, Despot Stefan…), and websites.