Ammonite Music Studio

Birthplace of groove

Ammonite music studio

Ammonite Records studio is a groovy place, created to inspire creativity. Built carefully, consulting best local experts in acoustics and sound design, to provide Ammonite and client artists with a perfect place to make and rehearse music. The room is air conditioned, equipped with professional quality audio and video recording tech. Chromakey video shooting enabled.

  • List of equipment >
  • Vox AC30
  • Roland jazz chorus 120 W
  • Acoustic 230 bass amp
  • Acoustic bass cabinet
  • Zoom R24 + Avid MBox Pro + Pro Tools 11
  • Hartke UX 410
  • Trace elliot bass preamp
  • Premier XPK drums
  • Electrovoice T251 (2 x 400 W)
  • FBT Pickup 14a (2 x 250 W), etc